Fidelity Project, prepared by the Department of Food Science and Technology and Microbiology and the Learning Technology Centre of the Milan University, represents the italian contribution to the european FIDEL Project.

The aim of the project is to define the characteristics and ways of supplying a didactic module concerning the Quality Systems in the Food Industry, by means of on-line distance education.
Students living in the 6 European countries can gain access to the course organised by the Milan University, by means of Internet connecting directly to the Learning Technology Centre of the University. Students will need a personal computer, a printer, a modem and a subscription to the nearest Internet provider, if the host University does not have direct link-up with Internet.

The course will be held over for a 15-week period. Each week is called "lesson" which corresponds to about two hours of explanation in a traditional lecture. Each lesson involves an on-line theory study, answers to questions given by the teacher and evaluation of the work done. Apart from the theoretical study, practical studies will be carried out in factories. Didactic materials include on-line texts and printed notes.
Distance learning is thus possible using First Class software, a very friendly client/server system, based on a hierarchical structure of "conferences" and "sub-conferences", which allows us to send and receive messages. Communication is by means of e-mail and chat in real time. Messages can therefore be exchanged both asynchronously and simultaneously.
In the index below you can find singles screenshots of the Communication System Interface showing some of the virtual places (Conferences) in which students can perform their learning process.

A typical week schedule

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