A typical week schedule

The study week starts on Monday, when students can start First Class to check out the week's contents.
First they go to Agenda to read the week's schedule, deadlines and procedures. Then they go to the conference Teacher to read teaching information on the scheduled lesson. They may then go the conference Library to read, download or print the texts to be read during the week. Homeworks relating to this lesson are contained either in the text or in the conference Homeworks. This depends on the type of questions and on their close connection to text paragraphs.
As a rule homeworks should be sent by Wednesday 13:00 p.m. to allow the teacher to read and evaluate all works. Both evaluation and other subjects can be discussed with the teacher during Friday's on-line meeting, to which you can connect and talk in real time through chat. Homeworks will only be displayed whell all students have sent their homeworks to the conference Homeworks.

In addition to the teaching session, First Class allows you to exchange various messages with all participants. This activity can be performed in Cafe', which only students and the tutor can access. Teachers cannot read messages contained in this area.
Deadlines are not strictly binding, but rather general information to organize and plan distance learning. If students have any problem and are not able to send their homeworks by the deadline, they have to inform the tutor that they are going to send it later. Maximum delay allowed is one week. After that time the homeworks can no longer be evaluated. Evaluations are sent to individual mailboxes and are not displayed to other participants.