Our courses

FIDEL Network partners will prepare teaching modules based on existing material (similar to courses of the normal curriculum) that fit the distance learning framework. The methodology is founded on existing textbooks in addition to auxiliary media: computer programmes, video clips, guiding compendia, etc. Students are able to download material from local servers, communicate with instructors and submit examinations via the network.

In courses addressing technology practical work is also required. In addition to computer simulations, one to two week internships in FIDEL Network Institutions are offered, where laboratory and practical work is carried out.

At the end of the first year, the programme will be offering one module per institution. During the second year additional modules will be developed and added to the programme. Normal operation will offer 30 modules that a student may select from. The length of the programme studies will comprise of modules and internships equaling a minimum of 200 days. At this stage, enrollment is expected to be 100 - 200 students.