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Food processing is one of the major manufacturing branches in Europe, but traditionally, the level of systematic technical training of its personnel lags behind other manufacturing fields. This is particularly apparent in higher engineering education.

The number of engineers specialised in food graduating from European universities and technical schools is rather low. This means that in each individual country, the limited number of students restricts the commercial marketing of textbooks and teaching aids and does not allow either a wide choice of specialised courses. A natural consequence is that at any given university some excellent courses are offered, while others are completely missing.

The main idea of this project is to make available to the European community - using the lastest developments in Information Technology - the score of courses existing in different European institutions of high education, in the area of food.

Distance learning will allow students from many countries in Europe and from many regions in these countries (only the electronic connection being the barrier) to take advantage of the expertise found in other corners of the continent. The students participating in this course will be able to do it at their own pace and at times and places of their own convenience. This will be specially advantageous for working people and in this case we envisage students being sponsored by their employers in form of time for own studies and access to a terminal.

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