Ecole National Superior des Industries Agricole Alimentaires, Massy (FR)

The "Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Industries Agricoles et Alimentaires", established in 1893, is one of the french "Grandes Ecoles", under the aegis on the Ministry of Agriculture, located in Massy, 20 km south of Paris.

The degree of "Engineer for the Food Industry" is awarded each year to 65 students following 5 years of undergraduate studies (3 years in Massy, subsequent to two initial years of "preparation" with general scientific teaching). Lectures, practical work and training periods in industrial companies are organized with a common core during the 3rd and 4th years. During the final academic year (5th year), students may choose a specialization in Food Engineering, Food Science, Food Management or Industrial Microbiology, at ENSIA or at other collaborating European or International institutions.

Over 40 academics staff the following departments: Food Science, Food Process Engineering, Microbiology, Management, corresponding to research areas. Doctoral students complete their thesis which represents 3 years of research after the Engineering degree and DEA (preliminary year before thesis). Many contacts are developed with other research teams in Europe.

The research and development contracts between ENSIA and the Food Industry complete the necessary links between teaching, research and industry.