Department of Biotechnology, Technical University of Denmark (DK)

The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is the leading centre of engineering education and research in Denmark. DTU is under the authority of the Danish Ministry of Education and governed by the Act on Universities and other Institutions of Higher Education (the 1993 University Act). There are five faculty committees, each responsible for their own general discipline :

  • Machine Technology, Energy and Production
  • Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Planning
  • Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Sciences
  • Communications, Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Electical Engineering and Physics
  • The campus covers an area that is about 1500 metres from the north to the south, and 850 metres from east to west at the widest point. More than 80 buildings on campus with a total floorage of about 375,00 m2 provide excellent facilities for the more than 10,000 people that work and study here every day.

    The National Technological Library of Denmark (DTB) is also located on the DTU campus.

    DBT's online system ALIS provides access to bibliographic information on publications owned by DTB and other Danish technical libraries and the opportunity to order publications or photocopies. With its hypertext-based user interface, it is part of the text version of DTU's Campus Wide Information System, which is currently managed by DTB.

    DTB also offers online access to national and international databases and CD-ROMs and through the CWIS access to a wide range of linked Internet information resources.