Chemometrics course

The course

This course is - sadly enough - far from finished. The only available material is a lesson that explains a regression method, least squares regression, and one exercise. Since we have lost our funding, the schedule for further work on the course is unclear.

Lessons and exercises

This course consist of lessons and exercises. I'm quite convinced that it is not a good idea, but I have still used frames to make a window along the left side where you can choose among the different lessons and exercises. The first exercise is about principal component analysis and Matlab. The second still needs some work...


There are also some newsgroups available where you can ask questions about the course, or the fidel/vic projects. If your browser is capable of reading news (typically Netscape), you can reach those groups here: VIC and Fidel. If your browser can't read news (or you prefer to use some other program to read news, e.g. to read news offline), then send me a note, and I will guide you through the steps necessary to read the newsgroups.
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