1. Stereospecific analysis of triacylglycerides present in fat and oil:

2. Even numbered straight chain fatty acids outnumber odd numbered and branched fatty acids in oils and fats:

3. Hydrogenation of an oil:

4. Interesterification of oil blends:

5. Oil in water emulsions:

6. Phospholipase A2 is an enzyme which:

7. Autoxidation rate:

8. Photoxidation:

9. Phenolic antioxidants:

10. Enzyme degradation of oil:

11. Enzymatic Analysis of Food:

12. Enzymatic Rapid Methods of Analysis:

13. Enzyme Immuno Assays:

14. The ATP (adenosine triphosphate) assay is an enzymatic analytical method that is based on the emission of light of an activated luciferin-luciferase complex of AMP (adenosine monophosphate):

15. Spectrophotometric Methods of Food Analysis:

16. Enzymes as Food Additives:

17. Immobilized Biocatalysts:

18. Pectinase:

19. Proteases are used in the chill proofing of beers:
This sentence means that the proteases are added in the manufacturing process of beer with the purpose of

20. Enzymatic Processes can successfully replace well-known and established chemical processes in the food industry, because:

21. Odour threshold:

22. Constituints of a flavour:

23. Fruit flavours:

24. The aroma compounds of dairy products:

25. Flavour and degradation of lipid foods:

26. Natural flavouring materials:

27. Colorants:

28. Extraction methods:

29. Quality:

30. Encapsulation:

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